Fully automatic plate production

The platesetters are available in a variety of arrangements: the basic model can be expanded with a Dual Cassette Loader for fully automatic operation with plate cassettes. The Auto Pallet Loader, which loads printing plates straight from a transport pallet, is the ultimate in efficiency. And the automated loading systems can be combined if you need to process different plate formats and types.


For top-level productivity, the platesetters can also be integrated into the fully automated plate production lines. This means that all sequences such as loading, imaging, punching, developing, beveling and job-dependent unloading can be carried out continuously around the clock without manual intervention. You can adapt your plate requirements at any time.

At a glance

  • Flexible equipment – from manual to fully automatic Suprasetter
  • Smart Plate Handling
  • With integrated temperature stabilization, punching, suction, and dust filter systems

Key features

Laser technology

The laser systems developed exclusively by HEIDELBERG for the Suprasetter provide excellent imaging quality. The modular design enables additional laser modules to be easily and rapidly added on site – without long downtimes and with little service requirement. Production reliability is ensured through the Intelligent Diode System (IDS). This means that if a diode fails, operation can continue. The Suprasetter also offers a consistently high depth of focus to compensate for unevenness in the plates.

Dual Cassette Loader and Auto Pallet Loader

The basic model can be easily upgraded with an Dual Cassette Loader (DCL) for fully automated operation. The DCL works with one or two plate cassettes for different plate formats and types. When you use an Auto Pallet Loader (APL) you can be sure that your plate production is working with maximum efficiency because the APL can automatically load printing plates that are on a transport pallet. To make plate production even faster and ensure flexibility when using different plate formats, the Automatic Pallet Loader can be used in parallel with the Dual Cassette Loader.

Smart Plate Handling

The Suprasetter A106/106 offer maximum convenience with plate handling by using Smart Plate Handling at every upgrade level. The Dual Cassette Loader (DCL) loading system is docked in position at the back, while the Auto Pallet Loader (APL) is docked in position at the front via a foldable transport bridge. A plate conveyor is also integrated into the auto loader, reducing the footprint of the overall system. This is an advantage compared with conventional systems, which generally have a restricted bypass operation and an external conveyor. Even with a fully automatic system, the Suprasetter allows a quick manual plate load – auto or manual plate loading are on par with each other.

Temperature stabilizer

The temperature of all the components relevant to imaging is maintained at a constant level. The imaging of the printing plates always takes place under the same conditions – a performance feature that is particularly beneficial for plate remakes. Any deviations caused by ambient temperature changes are avoided. This maintains the high register accuracy with the printing plates allowing a faster makeready on press and a minimum of waste.

Internal punching system

Suprasetter can be optionally equipped with highly accurate internal punching systems. The punched plates provide maximum register accuracy. This reduces press makeready times which also minimizes waste. Additional punching systems can be added on site at any time.

Debris removal system

The Debris Removal System is an optional vacuum and filtration system that removes loose particles and dust. When fitted with this option, the Suprasetter A106/106 is also fully equipped to process ablative plates.

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